At one time or another we all will eventually want to know what kind of gas mileage our Jeep Wrangler gets. To get an accurate measurement we need to make sure some basic things are correct or we will not be comparing apples to oranges. The most important thing to ask yourself is this... "Is my Jeep Wrangler speedometer gear correct for the size tires I have and the differential gearing I have?" If this small little thing is not right then we cannot get an accurate measurement no matter how hard we try. Make sure your speedo gear is correct - Speedometer Gear

Now that we know how to configure our Jeep Wranglers to get the most accurate speed and mileage data we can continue with our test.

Start with a full tank of gas. Once full, reset the trip meter and start measuring your mileage. Drive like you normally do until your tank is almost empty. Head to the gas station and fill it up again. Now you have the data you need to check your mileage. Look at the amount of gas you needed to fill it back up to full. This is how much gas(Gallons) you used since you filled up last time. Now look at the trip meter. This is the distance(Miles) you have driven since your last fill up. To get our mileage we now divide the number of miles driven by the number of gallons used. This will give you an accurate gas mileage.

Now start changing your driving habits to see what kind of changes it makes. See what kind of mileage you can get by only driving on the highway. Try driving at different speeds on the highway. Try only driving around town. Try driving your Wrangler extremely conservative without gunning it at every light. You will likely notice you can get better mileage on the highway going a little slower than you normally do. And if you are a little slower off the line at the stop lights you will also notice a little better gas mileage. We are talking about +/- only a couple miles per gallon. You wont see anything major but every little bit helps. I consistently get around 14-16 miles per gallon with my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.