First of all we need to define what is meant by total lift height. What is usually referred to as lift height is the amount of lift the body of the Wrangler is lifted above the axles from stock. This is a combination of suspension lift and body lift. Both of these will bring the body further from the axles. This is desirable because it gives a greater amount of clearance for the tires for articulation and flex. Another term that seems to get confused is 'ride height'. Ride height is the total amount of lift the body achieves when measuring from the ground. This is different because it takes into account the size of tires the Jeep Wrangler is using.

To determine the amount of suspension lift you currently have on your TJ Wrangler you will need to measure a couple of things and compare them to the stock measurement. The measurement that has come to be the most accurate and accepted is the length of the coil spring in the front and the coil spring length in the back. You measure this with the coils installed on your Wrangler and with your Wrangler on a flat surface so the weight can be distributed evenly to all the wheels. You then measure the coil including any spacers you have added and dampening rubber that exists. Once you have this number you will subtract 12 inches from the front measurement and from the rear you will subtract 8 inches. This will give you the amount of suspension lift for the front and back that is different from stock.

Now you want to check if there is a body lift. If you have a body lift installed you will just add the amount of body lift to the total lift you determined from the coil measurements.

This method will accurately measure your total lift height. The total ride height your Jeep Wrangler will be lifted will also depend on the size of tires you are running. For example, if you start with a stock Wrangler and assuming the stock 30 inch tires and we put on 33 inch tires we will be effectively adding 1.5 inch lift to the total height of the Jeep Wrangler. Since the radius began at 15 inches (half of a 30 inch diameter) and with the larger tires increases it to 16.5 inches, we have increased by a total of 1.5 inches which translates directly to the height of the Wrangler.

The image below shows how to measure your Jeep Wrangler lift size: