The Rubicon Express adjustable chro-moly track bar is a great upgrade for any lifted coil spring Jeep. It allows for increased wheel travel, better front end alignment and better handling. This track bar is for use with Jeeps lifted 3" to 5.5".

I was going to just drill out the holes 3/4" to the drivers side for the stock track bar. That plan changed when Rubicon Express sent me three front shocks and one rear shock. I decided that since they were going to overnight me the shock, I would buy the track bar and surprise my Jeep with yet another birthday present.


  1. Remove existing track bar. A pickle fork will be required to remove the stock track bar at the frame mounted bracket.
  2. Enlarge the existing hole in the frame mounted bracket using a 5/8" drill bit.
  3. Attach the new track bar to lower bracket using factory hardware. This is the poly-bushing end of the bar.
  4. Tighten the mounting bolt to 55 ft-lbs.
  5. Center the vehicle over the axle by measuring the distance from front fender flare to tire on both sides.
  6. Adjust heim joint so that it will fit directly into the upper mount with the body centered.
  7. Tighten the jam nut to prevent the heim joint from moving.
  8. Attach the heim joint to the factory mount as seen here.
  9. Torque the upper mounting bolt and lock-nut to 115 ft-lbs.