How quick are these disconnects? How quick are any disconnects? JKS Manufacturing claims to have the best disconnects around. They are greasable, and come with a frame mounted disconnected storage bracket. I had the hardest time getting these bastards on and off. I found myself greasing twice a month just to keep them moving. Will these be better? Probably not, but at least I can get at them easier. And if you ask me, simplicity beats out over-engineering any day.

These disconnects go on in about ten minutes, assuming that you already removed the old sway bar end link bracket from the swaybar. Mine was easy to remove, but my Jeep was only one week old, and hadn't had the time to get good and nasty. I had swung my sway bar down against the bumper, and gave the bolt a few good whacks with a 12 pound sledge. No worries.


  1. Remove existing sway bar end links with a pickle fork and a large hammer.
  2. Install the adapter bracket by inserting stud on top of adapter through ring on end of sway bar.
  3. Use large USS washer and nut on top of adapter bracket to secure adapter bracket to sway bar.
  4. Install reducer sleeve in end link urethane bushing.
  5. Attach end link to adapter bracket with supplied bolt.
  6. Attach end link to mount on axle with supplied bolt, using spacer between end link and axle mount to maintain proper offset (see image).