All in all, it was a straight-forward installation. The instructions don't tell you everything, but you won't need the Army Corps of Engineers to get this bumper mounted. You will, however, need a friend with very small fingers if you want to mount it correctly.

If you have a gas tank skid plate to install, now is a perfect time to do it. To drill the extra holes, and attach the bumper to the rear crossmember takes a great deal of effort to avoid damage to the gas tank. At the very least, you will need to lower the gas tank 1-2 inches. As for drilling, eight new holes will be required.. all pointed straight at the gas tank.

Warn provides two copies of the 14-page instruction booklet to help you install the bumper and tire carrier. Here is the abbreviated version (remember to always follow the manufacturers instructions):


  1. Remove the factory rear bumper. If you do not have at least a 1" body lift, you will also need to remove the license plate holder.
  2. Make a template of the mounting bolt pattern from each side of the new bumper. Mark the holes in the rear frame crossmember, and drill to 7/16".
  3. Tape spacers onto the back of the bumper to temporarily hold them in position. Attach, but do not tighten, the eight bolts through the holes in the rear frame crossmember.
  4. Slide the tire carrier onto the bumper post of the bumper. Finger tighten the eight bolts.
  5. Insert the oblong hole spacers and finger tighten the bolts through the bottom bumper tabs into the bottom of the rear frame crossmember.
  6. Adjust bumper position as necessary, and torque all bolts as specified in the instructions.
  7. Place a piece of metal between the rear frame rail and the gas tank. Using the existing two holes near the end of the frame rail and the stiffening bracket as guides, continue the two holes through the inner side of the frame rail. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Attach and torque the bolts attaching the stiffener bracket to the frame rail and the bumper.
  9. Install the post support bracket and torque the bolts as specified in the instructions.
  10. Install the zerk fitting in the tire carrier pivot tube. Use a grease gun to lubricate the pivot.
  11. Close the tire carrier. Install your spare tire onto the tire mounting bracket. Install the wheel studs and tighten with lug nuts.
  12. Slide the bracket into the bracket mouting tube on the tire carrier. Mark the holes when the tire is in the correct position. Remove the mounting bracket from the carrier.
  13. Remove the wheel from the bracket. Drill 1/2" hole 1/4" closer to the mounting surface than your mark made in the previous step. This will give the tire pre-load when mounted.
  14. Install the mounting bracket on the tire carrier and torque as specified in the instructions.
  15. Assemble the latch mechanism by sliding the handle through the carrier tube, and install spring and latch. Attach the latch to the handle with the roll pin.
  16. Install one of the factory spare tire rubber bumpers to make contact with the flat plate welded to the tire carrier.
  17. If you do not have at least a 1" body lift, adjust the license plate brackets as described in the instructions.