Why did I get the M.O.R.E. body lift for my Jeep Wrangler instead of Daystar of any other company? Because I wanted their motor mounts, which are guaranteed to be a perfect height match, and made to work together. Doing these mods together makes the body lift a 30 minute job, with no drilling and no difficulty. The radiator drop, the transfer case shift linkage mod, and steering guide bracket mod are not required when performed with the motor mount lift, unless you have a lift that uses the transfer case drop pucks. This will require you to do the transfer case shift linkage as well.


  1. Install the motor mount lift, as described motor mount lift.
  2. Loosen all 11 body mount bolts. Remove the one under the grille.
  3. Remove the 5 bolts on the driver side.
  4. Use a floor jack and a piece of wood to jack between the 2nd and 3rd body bolts holes on the driver side (between the tires).
  5. Insert aluminum pucks, and insert the new longer bolts. Do not tighten at this time.
  6. Repeat the last two steps on the passenger side.
  7. Install the puck under the grille and start the longer bolt.
  8. Remove the top rear swaybar mounting bracket bolt.
  9. Install the Grille support blocks on the frame with the tab on top of the swaybar bracket. Reinstall the bolts and tighten them. .
  10. Tighten the new longer body bolts to the required torque specifications