In this write-up i will show you how to change the oil in your Jeep Wrangler 4.0L. This is one of the easiest things to do.

First we will start with the supplies you need:

1. 6 quarts of oil (I use 10w-30 pennzoil)

2. Oil filter (I like napa/wix filters #1085)

3. Oil filter wrench

4. Oil catch pan

5. Funnel (I lost my funnel, so i cut the top off a 7up bottle)

1. Ok lets get started. The first thing you want to do is remove the oil cap on the top of the engine. Doing this will allow the oil to flow faster. As you can see mine has mud around it. If yours is like this remove the mud carefully and try not to get any into the engine.

2. Next you will want to crawl under the jeep and find the drain plug on the oil pan. When you find it lossen the bolt.

3. Then you want to get your catch pan ready. If you have not done this before and you dont know how the oil arcs out then you might want to out some newspaper down around the catch pan.

4. Next remove the bolt and let all the oil drain out. After it is done draining put the bolt back in and torque it to 20 ft lbs.

5. Next you have to locate the oil filter. Its on the passanger side of the engine. You will need to get your oil wrench around it and twist it off. A little bit of oil will drip out so i put the catch pan under the oil filter's location.

6. After you remove the oil filter it will look like this. Make sure the gasket is not stuck on the engine.

7. Next you will want to get the new oil filter ready. Dip your finger in the old oil and apply some around the gasket on the new filter. Then screw the filter back on with only your hands. All you want to do is get the gasket smushed to make a nice seal.

8. Finally fill up your engine with your new oil (6 quarts). After this is done turn on the jeep and let it run for about 30 seconds, while its running inspect the filter and drain plug to make sure your not leaking oil anywhere. After this check your oil and you should be good to go.