This writeup will show you how to install an Eaton eLocker on a Dana 30 axle. This will also be applicable with the Dana 35 axle.


  1. Dana 30/35 Eaton eLocker
  2. Bearing kit for eLocker
    • The bearings/races/shims are different than the standard Dana 30/35 carrier
    • 2-Bearing part number LM102949($11) - I bought 2 more to make setup bearings.
    • 2-Race part number LM102911 ($12)
    • Shims for Dana 44 ($8)
    • Pinion bearings HM88649/HM88610 M86649/M86610 ($35-$60 Total) - I got an extra HM88610 to make a setup Race.
    • Pinion install kit 25-2032 ($25)
    • Dana 30 oil baffle - YSPBF-003($2)
    • Dana 30 inner oil slinger - YSPBF-013($3)
  3. Bearing puller tool

Important Notes:

  1. You need to remove the stator assembly to install the ring gear.
  2. The eLocker can also be damaged when not using the correct carrier bearing puller. The instructions suggest you cannot use a standard clamshell puller but I had no trouble using mine to remove the bearings.
  3. Ring gear bolts need to be torqued and installed with thread locker. Use medium thread locker. Eaton suggests tightening to 75-90 ft-lbs. I have read elsewhere 55 ft-lbs is suggested for a Dana 30. I went with 60 ft-lbs with the thread locker and called it good.
  4. Don't replace the oil baffle with a normal shim. The oil baffle helps keep oil in the outer pinion bearing. Without the baffle you can run the risk of burning out the bearing due to no oil.
  5. The inner oil slinger will likely need to be replaced. This is an important part. Instead of shimming the pinion with multiple shims the factory used different width inner oil slingers. If your slinger is thinner than you need you are fine but if the slinger is too thick you will need to get a new one. I purchased a Yukon part YSPBF-013. It was .032 inches. My old one was .056 inches.