This modification was used for two different reasons. The first reason is to allow for my TJ to be able to have a body lift. TJs with air conditioning don't have long enough A/C rigid steel hoses to allow for a body lift. This motor mount lift raises the motor equal with a one-inch body lift, so no modification is necessary. This also means that no radiator drop brackets are needed, no transfer case linkage, or water pump bracket modification. By raising the motor, the driveline angle is reduced enough to eliminate all vibration caused by the suspension lift, even with the transfer case drop in place.

Total time required for the motor mount lift is about 2 hours. Of course mine spanned three days, as usual. First, I had to cut the motor mount through bolt on the drivers side because of the A/C compressor being in the way. That bolt is $5 from Mopar by the way. When reinstalling, it easily goes in on the other side. After that fiasco was over, we had to make our own "safe" instructions to do this. The instructions say to raise the motor with a jack and a piece of wood, putting pressure on the oil pan. We tried this with a hydraulic roller jack, which isn't very smart, not to mention unsafe for the oil pan. later we used a cinder block with a bottle jack on it, jacking a 2x4 on the squared off pads on the front end corners of the motor. When everything goes well, this shouldn't take more than one hour.


  1. With the Jeep on level ground, apply the parking brake and block the tires.
  2. Put the transmission in neutral.
  3. Using a bottle jack and a good piece of wood, apply a small amount of pressure to the squared-off pad on the front underside of the engine.
  4. Remove the coolant reservoir by disconnecting the hose to the radiator, and pulling straight up.
  5. Remove the all the fan shroud screws, except the top passenger side screw. (This will allow the fan shroud to move when the engine is being jacked up.)
  6. Remove the drivers side stock motor mount, saving the bolts and nuts to reuse with the new mounts.
  7. Insert the new mounts, and attach nuts and bolts. Do not tighten the nuts and bolts at this time.
  8. Repeat the jacking procedure for the passenger side mount, and replace the mount. Do not tighten the nuts and bolts yet.
  9. Torque the mount nuts (bottom of mount) and mount bolts (top of mount) to 38 ft-lbs.
  10. Torque the through bolts to 51 ft-lbs.
  11. Remove all jacks/jack stands.
  12. Install body lift, as described here.
  13. Reattach the fan shroud to the mounting flange on the radiator.
  14. Check for proper torque after 50 miles, and after every off-road use.

motor mount lift