In this write-up i will teach you how to install a 2" RE BB on your TJ.

First thing we are going to need are some tools & supplies:

  1. RE BB Kit (Part #RE7030)
  2. SAE 1/2",9/16" Socket & Wrench Set
  3. Metric 13,15,18,19 mm Socket & Wrench Set
  4. Standard Rachet
  5. Torque Wrech
  6. Torx Bit T-55
  7. Ratchet Extension 3" & 12"
  8. Jack Stands / Floor Jack
  9. Hammer
  10. PB Blaster
  11. Bench Vice
  12. Vice Grips
  13. White Lithium Grease

NOTE: The first thing i did was shoot all the bolts that i was going to be removing with PB Blaster a day before i was going to start.

Ok now that you have all the tools lets get started. Here is a picture of what you get in the kit- 4 shocks, 4 2" pucks, 2 Bumpstop Extensions:

1. Park your jeep on a level surface and pull the e-brake.

2. Loosen the rear lug nuts and jack the jeep up from the diff in the rear. Then remove the wheels and lay them aside.

3. Now place jack stands under both sides of your frame, right behind the control arm mounts. Also place your tires under the jeep for added safety.

4. Next disconnect your rear sway bar on both sides and let them hang.

5. Next unbolt your rear shock from the lower mount.

6. Then unbolt the shock from the top mount and remove the shock. After this step make sure you do everything to the other side that you did to this side.

7. Jack up the opposite side so that it forces the side you are working on down.

8. You can now remove the spring from the mounts. The easiest way is slip the bottom out first.

16. Now lets start on the front of the jeep. Loosen the lugs, jack up by the axle, place the jack stands in the same area and remove the wheels.

17. Remove the sway bar on both sides and let it hang.

18. Unblot the shock from the lower mount and the upper mount and remove the shock.

19. Next jack up the opposite side you are working on like we did in the rear and remove the srping. Again the easiest way is to remove from the bottom.

20. Then remove the bumpstop and bumpstop cup and place the 2" spring spacer over the bumpstop extenion. That extenion is already installed on the stock jeep. RE does not supply new extenions for the front bumpstops.

21. Now tighten everything and place the spring back in place. Wait untill the spring is back inplace before you put the bumpstop back on, its much easier this way.

22. Now you have to mount your new shock. You will have to get it ready like the ones in the rear. With the front torque the bottom down first to 250 INCH POUNDS and the upper to 17 ft lbs. To torque the upper bolt on the passenger side you have to remove the air box.

23. Now your done with one side. It should look like the picture below. Now do the same thing with the other side, connect the sway bars and put your tires on. Now your jeep will be 2" taller.

Here is what my jeep looked like after the RE BB plus a 1" body lift. I am running 32x11.5 tires.

After the lift you will probably need an alignment. You can do this your self, but i just took mine to a shop.