One of the most important modifications to do to your Jeep is protection.  Especially if this is your daily driver or you’re making payments!  You want to keep your rig in one piece.  One of the most vulnerable points on your rig is the rocker.  There is no protection from rocks, stumps, or whatever may beat up your rig on the trail.  (The Rubicon model has rocker “protection”) 

We looked around and found Shrockworks makes some really nice looking rocker guards.  Not only are they nice looking, but they are built and beefy!  CAD designed, these Shrockbars are laser cut 3/16ths steel and are bent on a CNC Press brake for an exact fit.  In addition, they add a tube of 1.75” x 0.134 wall tubing, to keep your door protected from trees and the like.  They also make a great step!  

Another key feature of the Shrockbars is the way they mount to the Jeep.  They were engineered to provide the most protection possible.  The attach to the side of the Jeep, like most rocker protection, but they also wrap under the jeep and bolt up through the floor pan.  Inside the double walled floor pan there are support braces.  The Shrockbars bolt parallel to these supports and clamp down to secure them.  This will ensure that not only are the sided protected but the bottom as well.  Once mounted these things aren’t moving! 

 What you get:
2 TJ Sliders (plain or powder coated)

Interior backing plates (6)

Detailed instructions

All necessary hardware


What you’ll need:

Floor jack


5/16” or 11/32” drill bit

5/16” hex wrench

½” wrench or socket




(If you order your rocker guards bare, you’ll want to powder coat or paint them ahead of time)

Remove the fender flair extension.  If you have a Rubicon or Sahara model, you’ll need to remove the plastic rocker cover.  You’ll want to make sure that this area is smooth and clean.  If you had rocker covers or other rocker guards that attached here as I did, you’ll need to make sure that you knock out any bow in the metal so that it’s straight. 


Using a floor Jack, position the Shrockbar against the Jeep between the fender flares. (Logo towards the front) This is the point where having some help would be good, so that you don’t damage the paint while putting it in place.  You’ll want to make sure that it is snug against the side and the bottom of the jeep.  Another ½ pump on the jack to be sure they’re snug isn’t a bad idea. 


Once the Shrockbar is centered between the flares, and is in place where you want it, you can begin drilling the holes in the tub.  Start with the outermost holes, and hand tighten  a 1in stainless bolt with a fender washer and lock washer in the two outer holes to make sure that nothing moves during the drilling process.  Continue with the rest of the holes on the side of the tub.  Once all the holes are drilled on the side, remove the two bolts and pull the Shrockbar back off the Jeep.  Blow off all of the shavings from drilling, you don’t want them rusting behind the Shrockbars.  Replace the Shrockbar and bold to the side of the tub.  Go ahead and tighten all the bolts down. 

 *** Safety is paramount!  Before laying under the Jeep, make sure the parking brake is applied and the wheels are chocked.***

 Move the carpet back and you will drill the 6 holes up through the floor pan using the Shrockbar as a template.  The floor pan is double walled and you’ll need to drill through both layers.  (Don’t forget eye protection)


 The backing plates for the floor bolts are marked “F”, “M”, “B”, for Front, Middle, and Back.  Using the 2 1/2in cap screws, go up through the Shrockbars and the backing plates and secure them using a washer, lock washer, and nut.  Tighten securely.  


Repeat the process on the opposite side of the Jeep.  A rather easy install, and you can be sure that you will not damage the rocker area of your Jeep.  Another tip is to add a bead of silicone to the top of the slider, but it’s not required.  These rockers are also designed with some airspace to drain off water.  We haven’t had a chance to test these rockers out in the field, but when we do, we’re sure we won’t have a problem. 


 JeepSpeak would like to thank Shrockworks for their time and dedication to quality products and customer service before and AFTER the sale.  When you call and order your Shrockbars, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.