Nov 3, 2010

Rear Bumper

I am going crazy dealing with the installation of the rear bumper. The maker of the bumper Jeeperman has been making me jump through hoops to get all the parts. For a product that was at the top of the expensive scale I expect a little more careful inspection of shipped parts and in a more timely manner.
Category: General
Posted by: andy
So I ordered a rear tire carrier bumper from Jeeperman (name of the company) almost 2 months ago. It took him, after a bunch of promised ship dates, a month and a half to get the bumper to me. I am typically a patient person but if I am told it will be shipped by a certain date I am going to hold you to it. Finally it comes and I start installing it. Unfortunately he didn't include any washers in the kit. They are a required item so I buy a bunch from the hardware store and contact Jeeperman and ask him what else I am missing. We find out I am also missing a couple bearing seals so he promptly sends me bearing seals and a bunch of washers. I received the parts today in the mail and figure I have a about a half hour and everything should be complete. Not true. There is still something missing from the kit. The bearings need a spacer of some sort to push them into the bearing race on the top and bottom. So again I have to send Jeeperman a message to find out what is missing. This has been an amazingly bad experience with Jeeperman. They definitely don't have it together on the side of getting the customer all the things they need to install the product in a timely manner. The product seems great but dealing with missing parts and late shipments and a bunch of excuses for breaking promises is enough for me to never recommend this company to anybody.