May 25, 2013

Time to regear

Getting ready to regear the LJ
Category: General
Posted by: andy

I have decided my Jeep Wrangler LJ with 33's and 3.73 gearing and automatic transmission needs a regear. I want to go to 35's when these 33's wear out and would like to be all geared up so I don't have trouble driving up hills.

My current set-up on the Wrangler is dana 30 up front with 3.73 gears and dana 44 in back with 3.73 gears and a factory limited slip. I would like to reuse whatever I can to save on some cash. After doing some research I have come up with the following set-up. I will be upgrading to 4:88 gears. This is the deepest I can go with the dana 30 up front. I would like 5:13 to go better with the 35 inch tires but 4:88 should be fine. Since my dana 30 is 3.73 gearing I won't be needing a new carrier for the front. The rear however has a couple options. The 3:73 is the cut-off for the dana 44 rear carrier. Instead of upgrading to the larger carrier and losing my rear limited slip differential I can get a 'thick cut' version of the ring and pinion gears. This will allow me to use the LSD in back and not have to get a new locker. I like the LSD that comes with the Wrangler Unlimited. I have never had any trouble with it. I do pretty well offroad just feathering the brakes to get the grip I need to get through slippy terrain. When I can dedicate my Jeep Wrangler for offroad only I will go with deeper gearing, swap out the front axle, and get some serious lockers. But for now I don't really need them.